5 Self Care Tips

Many times I hear people bring up the words Self-Care. Sometimes it is in reference to going on a trip to a relaxing vacation spot, other times it may be a trip to a local spa. For men it could be a day fishing in the mountains. Everyone has their own idea of what self-care is. Many times we think of self-care as how others perceive us. We can think to ourselves, if everyone else thinks we are ok, then we must be ok. What we don’t realize is when we do this we are letting other people be responsible for what we are suppose to show up like. While taking care of your nails and haircuts and other things that we do to our bodies can make us feel good. They are not necessarily the only form of self-care that is important. How many times have you had had a perfect haircut, yet you still feel alone inside. Its time to talk about the other side of self-care that helps us be our best self from the inside out!


  1. A self-care number one on my list. They type of food you eat directly influences your health. I have a book that I have been using for years called Healing with Whole foods by Paul Pritchford. This book provides recipes for numerous health issues. It combines Traditional Chinese Medicine and food to heal your body. If you are all fast food and hurry up and eat, it is time for you to slow down and enjoy not just your food but all of life! Our bodies need time to digest the food we eat and our minds need time to digest life. Many times people are busy or in a hurry so they stop at the closest place to get a bite to eat. These places often carry process foods that are often depleted of vitamins and thus do not add the nutrition that our bodies need. Self-care is about what we are putting into our bodies, the food we eat is directly reflected in how many colds and viruses we get as well as how quickly our bodies heal. By eating a healthy balanced diet we create bodies that are able to handle mental and physical chaos.


  1. Working out is a large part of self-care as it helps our bodies remains strong and flexible. We are all aware that there are numerous studies that promote working out as a way to combat aging and stay out of the doctor’s office. Working out reduces stress as well as increases stamina.


  1. Going to the Doctor is an important part of self-care as we need to stay in tune with our bodies and not push them to the limit. How many times do you go to work when you should have stayed at home. How many times do you get hurt and then wait to see a doctor?


  1. Straightening out Finances can top a self-care list as this is something that causes the most stress for many people. We often spend many hours a week wondering how we are going to make ends meet. Not just today but in 20 years. Avoidance is what happens in most financial situations when things get out of control. Avoidance is tricky as it makes us feel a false safety that can collapse at any moment. The only way I know how to get rid of worries is to be proactive, do something about it. Find a financial planner, talk to your bank, look at your options. Once you see what you can do you will be amazed at how less you worry. Not only will you worry less, you will also be setting yourself up for the future.


  1. Scheduling Yourself First, I have 4 things mentioned above that you can do for self care. The self-care mentioned above is more about the mental side of self-care, what we can do to make ourselves feel secure, safe and happy. I can already hear you saying… but I don’t have time to do those things!! So number 5 is about scheduling time for you first. If you need to go to the doctors you schedule that appointment and go, the same with the gym and prepping healthy meals to eat! You are the only person who is going to put you first and this is exactly how it should be. You are worth a healthy meal that you eat at a table.





The Journey Begins

Hilary Hayne is a Holistic Life Coach in Denver, Colorado. As a native to Colorado she loves nature and you will often find her outside.  She lives her life in gratitude and finds her true passion in life is helping others.

Hilary teaches life tools that you can use everyday. She uses holistic modalities such as but not limited to Hypnosis, Aromatherapy, Auricuolotherapy and Tapping. Hilary believes that our emotions and mental thoughts are responsible for our health and out lives.  She looks at people as individuals and works with them on all levels emotional, mentally and physically.

Hilary is a Medium, which allows her to be able to connect in a way that gets right to heart of the matter. She offers a loving presence and understands the trials we all have to overcome on our own life journey.

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Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton